Ultimate Frisbee

Why BE Ultimate?

Here at BE Ultimate, we’ve putĀ a different spin on Ultimate Apparel.

Made for the elite of the sport, we’ve taken extra care to choose the ideal fabrics, the ideal fits, and the best production process to get you your apparel on time.

Our Mission

BE Ultimate was started in July 2012 by an Ultimate Player looking to strengthen Ultimate’s legitimacy from the inside out.

We believe each player and team should be able to be kitted out with high performance, Ultimate-specific apparel in order to reach their potential.

Thus, since our inception we have devoted our time and energy to making high-performance apparel accessible and wearable with our focus on:

  • Reliable and quick turn-around times
  • High-performance fabrics
  • Quality workmanship

We are Ultimate players making Ultimate gear for the Ultimate Community.

High Performance Apparel

Through trial and error, BE Ultimate has found the balance between a fast turn around time and uncompromising quality assurance.


  • Unparalleled turn-around time of 4 weeks.*


  • Lower than 1% error rate.


  • Express couriers readily available to make sure your gear gets to you on time.


*After payment and design approval

Our fabrics are at the forefront of sublimation technology. Continually pushing the boundaries, we can confidently say our fabrics contain a set of core properties:


  • High moisture wicking and breathability to ensure comfort and temperature control.


  • Low-friction fabrics for a soft and comfortable feel.


  • Natural anti-microbial properties to ensure theĀ lifespan of fabric and odor control.

Our apparel has been built to be on the backs of players for multiple years. We use high-tech standards only seen on the most premium apparel.


  • Flat-lock stitching on all gear to avoid seams from coming undone and to increase strength.


  • Reinforced neck seams to reduce chaffing and increase strength in a high-wear area.


  • Laser-cut patterns to ensure all apparel is made consistently and perfectly.